Joana Paz is a freelance designer & illustrator currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Professional experience in digital projects includes mobile advertising, UX/UI design for websites and mobile applications, wordpress websites and 2D animation.

Professional experience in graphic design and illustration includes the development of creative solutions applied to a great variety of media, with special emphasis on children’s books. Co-author of six publications, with input on design and illustration, but also writing and art direction, Joana guided several illustration workshops for children, mostly in portuguese schools (2012-2015), but also in the ‘Favela da Maré’ (Rio de Janeiro, 2014), as well as during the dynamization of the exhibition “Como as cerejas” in CCB (now “Berardo Collection Museum”, Lisbon, 2014 — in partnership with Danuta Wojciechowska and Dulce Gonçalves).

Graduating in Communication Design at the University of Lisbon’s School of Fine Arts, during which she studied at the ‘Accademia di Belle Arti di Torino’ (Torino’s Art Academy, Italy) as an exchange student, she also complemented her artistic training with a three-year drawing course at ‘Sociedade Nacional de Belas-Artes’ (National Fine Arts Society, Lisbon). In 2015 an MA in Contemporary Art History at the NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities allowed her to pursue further specialization in fine arts and broaden her understanding on other areas of study, such as Art Education and Art Therapy.



Get in touch! I am currently available to work on creative projects on remoto or in loco. For project inquiries or more information, please send me a message and I promise to reply as soon as possible.

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