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Livro Livre

Livro Livre

Design and illustrations for the children’s book Livro Livre, in co-authorship with Danuta Wojciechowska and Francisco Bairrão Ruivo, for the publisher LUPA.

Edited on the ocasion of the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the 25th of April. Through brief historical frameworks, suggestive illustrations and creative challenges, this book is a space for reflection on the meaning of this date and of co-authorship, aiming to discover and register memories of those who lived through the Dictatorship and it’s consequent Revolution.

Livro Livre
RUIVO, Francisco Bairrão
PAZ, Joana
Edições LUPA
Lisbon, march 2014
2nd edition, february 2015
3rd edition, march 2017
4th edition, february 2018


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