Animated Health Video Tutorials (Groups 1 and 2)
Illustrations and 2D Animation.

A total of nineteen animated tutorials aimed at helping caregivers of children in palliative care were created for aTTitude (a Portuguese IPSS that supports families with children in palliative care). This 2D animation project took about two years to complete, in partnership with designer and illustrator Ana Isabel Ramos. Arranged in seven different groups (each group a different subject), this collection is of Groups One and Two, and includes three videos and eight videos respectively on the subjects of Bed Hygiene Care and Device Usage:

1.1 Bed Hygiene Care
1.2 Oral Hygiene Care
1.3 Making The Bed And Positioning

2.1 Tracheostomy: Main Care
2.2 Tracheostomy: Aspiration of Secretions
2.3 Aspiration of Nasal and Oropharyngeal Secretions
2.4 Nasogastric Tube: Use and Care
2.5 Gastrostomy: Main Care
2.6 Gastrostomy: Food
2.7 Non-invasive Ventilation: Main Recommendations
2.8 Central Venous Catheter: Use and Care

All videos are available at

Video 1.1 — Daily Living ActivitiesBed Hygiene Care
Video 1.2 — Daily Living ActivitiesOral Hygiene Care

Video 1.3 — Daily Living ActivitiesMaking The Bed And Positioning

Video 2.1 — Device Usage: Tracheostomy Main Care

Video 2.2 — Device Usage: Tracheostomy Aspiration of Secretions

Video 2.3 — Device Usage: Aspiration of Nasal and Oropharyngeal Secretions

Video 2.4 — Device Usage: Nasogastric Tube Use and Care

Video 2.5 — Device Usage: Gastrostomy Main Care

Video 2.6 — Device Usage: Gastrostomy Food

Video 2.7 — Device Usage: Non-invasive Ventilation — Main Recommendations

Video 2.8 — Device Usage: Central Venous Catheter Use and Care