Aravinda Yoga Shala
Logo Design, Business Cards and Graphic Design.

Logo Design, Business Cards, Postcards and WordPress Website for yoga studio Aravinda Yoga Shala.

“Aravinda” is a Sanskrit word that means “Lotus Flower”, a symbol of spiritual purity. The Lotus Flower is sacred to eastern cultures, symbolizing elegance, beauty, perfection, purity, and grace. Closed or in bud, this flower symbolizes the infinite possibilities of Man. When opened, the Lotus Flower represents the creation of the Universe. In Buddhism, the Lotus Flower is associated with Buddha. Legend says that when the little Buddha took his first steps, lotus flowers bloomed everywhere he stepped. In Yoga, the Lotus posture is the classic meditation posture, associated with a state of spiritual elevation. 

The symbol created for Aravinda Yoga Shala’s logo was inspired on an ancient Hindu sculpture of a Lotus flower that also resembles the wheel of fortune or the wheel of life. 

Stencil by Adrião.