Sunshine Amelia
Editorial design and illustrations.

In this children’s chapter book, young and grown-ups have the chance to meet and spend a day with Amelia and Sophie, two girls who couldn’t be more different. While shy Sophie doesn’t like to leave the comfort of their cozy tree house near the woods, Amelia loves to spend every spare second outside exploring the world with their curious dog, Columbus. Usually, Amelia leaves Sophie be, but on her birthday, she decides to ask for a very special gift from her sister: a full day of adventures out in the world! And what a fantastic journey that turns out to be…

Amelia leaves nothing out: from dancing in a sunflower field to climbing high mountains and shouting out loud on a deserted island, meeting a real pirate and his parrot and joining a protest. But, most importantly, Amelia helps Sophie explore many new feelings and makes her see that no one is perfect. It is okay to be angry sometimes, crying can actually feel really good, and trying out new things often opens up a whole new world.

Sunshine Amelia
PAZ, Joana
Amazon, December 2021